Articles for Artists – Resources to Present, Promote, Market Your Art

Articles for Artists – Resources to Present, Promote, Market Your Art.


Artists – How to Organize and Plan Your Studio Time

It has been a long break between posts I’m afraid.. Had a few family and personal issues eating into my time.  Its been so long I even had to search for this page so I could post something.  So, here I am getting myself organized and preparing to create like the wind.

Artists – How to Organize and Plan Your Studio Time.

This week

As mentioned, the past few weeks have been fairly busy.  These pics are from my first placement with Viva La Gong which was the Pop up Gallery in Globe Lane.  I was there to help with installation and to assist the curator,  Nina Kourea wherever possible.  Most of the day was installation though as planning had been done way before this.  Unfortunately i couldn’t do the opening as I had a previous engagement organized but it was intriguing watching all the random bits and pieces come together in their spaces.  Each artist was offered the opportunity to fill one of the  cubicles within the disused office space. Featured artists were;  Brent Williams, Virginia Settre, Carolyn Nowaczyk, Jess Whitmore and Andrew Yeremeyev, Sarah Tansey, Lillian Cuda, Jardine Hansen, Mirko Sossai, Noah Hampson, Jenny Tubby and Louis Cremen, Nathan waters and Tristan Grace.

Lovely day for an exhibition
Incognito Pop up space
Sarah and Virginia
hmm Sarah…that is a lot of toilet paper…..

Nudes, nudes and more nudes…

Just touching base quickly.

I have had an extremely busy couple of weeks with a few assessment projects, organizing a nude auction (something for the imagination), beginning my industry placement with Viva La Gong and finally spending a couple of days catching up on my painting.  Pics to follow soon…

Waking up

sitting and blogging; attempting to think about what I’m going to paint today. Fridays are always long, Going to try and put up some process pics tonight.