Not quite daily yet so as you can see I’m still working on my addiction.  You know the old saying..”it won’t happen overnight”…Well it won’t happen if I have too long a break between posts either so let’s see if things improve after today.  At the moment I’m a bit busy as I’m trying to work out what type of cable I need to connect my camera to the computer so I can set up a sort of live view capture of images I am doing for an attempt at stop motion animation.  At present I have a Canon 400D SLR and a copy of Dragon Stopmotion along with a makeshift selection of lights and the computer of course ( I’m using my son’s computer and his bedroom while he’s away in Canada).  I hope to finish with an animation using the drawing and erasing method on one piece of paper.  If it turns out I will prabably include it for assessment at Uni, if not I’ll just keep practising.  Now if i manage to keep my blog going you may even get updates.  My other assessments include a series of paintings and sundry preparation stuff; drawings using charcoal ( this is the class I will try to have the animation done for).  I’m also doing a subject on Curating so I need a presentation and some work experience plus a report and this blog.  Not too much!


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