first post

This is my blog and at some point in the very near future I will try to find something extremely witty and profound to begin this journal. As soon as I think of what to say I will let you know the outcome…so stay posted, it will be sooner than you expect…or…could be later.


second post

As I go along I’m sure I can think of more creative post titles but for now i an attempting to write in my blog at least once a day to make it a habit.  Not being inclined towards addiction I find habits difficult to form and need to apply them slowly until they stick…a bit like contact plastic on a dirty book (as in dusty dirt, not porn)….Does that make you smile?…I hope so, I’m saving the depressive stuff until we really get to know each other.

PS: ignore the dates on these first 2 posts as I slowly become familiar with what goes where.