Last year I did an introductory digital media subject where I learnt about animation and audio recordings and such.  For my assessment I attempted to do an animation in the style of William Kentridge’s Pain and Sympathy.  It wasn’t perfect (When I find it I will post it up anyway) and I was lucky to get 30 seconds out of it but 30 seconds was enough to spark an interest in making a second attempt so I have set up my son’s bedroom (he’s in Canada for 12 months) with camera, lights and drawing equipment and will post here as I work through it.  If I like ite , It will be submitted for assessment and if not I can work it until I do……:




So check this out…my animation studio  







Notice the tripod…custom designed by my very clever husband.




detail view of the tripod because its such an unbelievably impressive display of ingenuity and the importance of having a role of duct tape in your basic media arts kit…



For those who are interested, I’m using Dragon Stop Motion so that is what you would see on the monitor but of course you don’t; the camera won’t pick up the image so you just have to imagine its there.
I included this to show the attention to detail we displayed while setting up.  Very important to make sure the “easel” doesn’t move during the drawing process…something I learnt from my first animation.

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